Quick Search

Quick Search allows you to track cargo details based on certain search criteria. Multiple value entry is available for specific search criteria.

To perform quick search:

  1. In the Quick Search page, enter the search criteria.
  2. It is mandatory to enter at least one search criterion. You can also enter more than one search criterion in this page.
    You can enter multiple values for certain search criteria.

    Click Clear to clear the values in the search criteria.

  3. Click Track. The Cargo Listing page is displayed. For more information on the details displayed, refer Cargo Listing.
  4. When the search criteria entered do not match any of the cargo details or when you do not have permission to view the cargo details you are searching for, “No Records Found” is displayed.

    When the search criteria entered match only one cargo, the Cargo Details page is displayed.

    To return to the Quick Search page, click the Quick Search hyperlink on the Cargo Listing/Cargo Details page.


Autocomplete is available for certain search criteria. This feature displays a list of values that match the first three characters that you enter in a search criterion. You can select the required value from this list. The icon is displayed when this feature gets activated.

At least three characters must be entered to activate the autocomplete feature.


Drop-down is available for certain search criteria. This feature provides a list of values from which you can select one value.

To use drop-down:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow. A list of values available for the search criterion is displayed.
  2. Click the required value. The selected value is displayed as the search criterion.

Enter Multiple Values

Multiple value entry is available for the search criteria marked with the icon. This feature allows you to enter more than one value in a single search criterion.

To enter multiple values:

  1. Click the icon of a search criterion. A dialog box is displayed.
  2. Enter one value on each line in the dialog box, clicking Enter after each line. Values may be pasted from another screen or application. Click OK. The dialog box closes and the values are added to the search criterion.

Click Clear to clear the values in the dialog box.

A field with multiple value entry is displayed with the word "Multiple":